​​​Academic Dual Credit Application and Information with Okanagan College​​ ​
​Aboriginal Educa​tion Program Consent
Admin Compensation Form
Apprenticeship Application
​Apprenticeship Sponsor Form
Axis Referral Source Package
Baseball Registration online
Bus Registration Form
Challenge & Equivalency Policy 3.17.0    
Challenge and Equivalency Form REG 3.17.0
​Computer and Software Loan Agreement
District project scholarship program application
​Earthquest Academy    Quest-vLearn application
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
​Field Trips - Student Travel - PR 9.8.0 Informed Parent Consent
Gateway Trades Sampler application
​Hockey Academy "On the Edge"
​Home/Hospital visiting teacher services application
​International Student
​International student vLearn course approval​​

​Medical Student

Anaphylaxis checklist
Anaphylaxis planning
Anaphylaxis incident review form
Medical alert planning form
Medication dispensing form
Request for administration of medication at school PR 9.6.0
Montessori Application
Non-home school application
​Permanent record card request
RCMP youth ca​mp application​ - Deadline Jan 31- 2018
RCMP Jean Minguy Memorial Youth Academy details
School District No. 22 Locally awarded bursaries and scholarships
​Locally awarded bursaries and scholarships will open February 26, closing March 12, 3:00 pm

There are numerous locally awarded bursaries and scholarships for students within our school district. The school district makes available the "Application " for a 10-day period in mid-March of each year. Current list of available scholarships for 2018  Current list of availa​ble scholarships by school for 2018

Application for local Scholarships 2​018 - Scholarship Application is now available 

SD22 Internet use/media consent
​SD22 Internet acceptable use
Secondary course selection form
​Special needs bussing form
​Snowsport academy application
Soccer academy application   
 Soccer-vLearn application​​
Staff email registration
Student equivalency/course challenge (REG 3.17.0)
​Students without borders academy application​
Teacher Reference Form​​​Reference Form​
Strong start registration
Student Transfer​ (Student Placement, PR 9.11.0) See the registration page for a current form. 
Student travel private vehicle (PR 9.8.1)
Swim Academy application​​
Tutor List - VTA 
​vLearn application (Virtual Programs)
​Volunteer driver