Forestry Program at Charles Bloom Secondary

BCSTA Article - October 28/2015 By Martin Tooms – Forestry Teacher

Are you interested in learning how to work in an Industrial Setting? Do you love working outdoors? Do you want to learn how to operate heavy equipment? If the answer is yes to any of these questions then the Forestry Program at Charles Bloom Secondary is for you. One of the most unique high school programs in all of BC, the Forestry Program takes place in the outdoor classroom of the Charles Bloom Secondary Woodlot.

Three days a week, students will be at the woodlot experiencing and learning about critical team skills, safety, and personal habits sought out by employers in industry (forestry, mining, house construction, oil and gas, and road building for example). Chainsaw operation and maintenance, operating heavy duty equipment and building log furniture are examples of the many unique skills students will acquire by the end of this program.
This is a full semester program.  Students will complete 4 courses, which includes a Science 11 credit, in their grade 11 year.  In their grade 12 year, students will complete 3 courses. More information about the program contact Mr. Martin Tooms, at Charles Bloom Secondary, Phone: 250 547-2191. 
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