RCMP Jean Minguy Memorial Youth Academy

The RCMP Youth Academy is a wonderful opportunity for students in grade 11 or 12  to participate in a unique work experience in policing.

Students who are interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement will get very good insight in the training and demands placed on police officers.
Students will be personally challenged in their leadership abilities, physical abilities, and mental toughness. Up to 40  students are involved in a mini training camp which involves seven days at the Vernon Army Camp where students are instructed in law, procedures of law, and the role of police officers in the community.
Students will learn the following topics:

  •     Drill
  •     Polygraph/Statement
  •     Recruiting of the RCMP
  •     Problem Solving
  •     Officer Safety/Violator Contact
  •     Media & Internal Affairs
  •     Sex Crimes/Internet
  •     Community Policing
  •     Hate Crimes
  •     Emergency Response Team
  •     Air Services
  •     Night Scenarios
  •     Note taking/10 codes
  •     Sketches/Negotiator
  •     Operational Command Center

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