​Athlete Learning Plan

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A personalized learning plan for each athlete based on their sport and academic goals. Students will be credited for a minimum of 2 high school courses during their participation in the academy including:

  • Principles of Sport Specific training.
  • Physical Education grades 8 - 12 or Athlete training 10, 11 or 12.
  • Students will also have several options for additional training credits including:
  • Human Performance
  • Sports Nutrition
  • NCCP coach certification
  • Ski Instructors coaching levels (CASI etc.)
  • Sport specific club coaching levels.
  • Any other online courses that will help build a personalized learning plan to meet the student needs.


Students will have opportunity to:

  • athlete training pre-season, on snow, and post season
  • sport specific training
  • strength and conditioning
  • long term athlete development program
  • mental preparation for performance in sport and life
  • athlete injury prevention & high performance nutrition
  • coaching courses
  • course credit for grad and port secondary prep
  • career options = work experience


Who may participate?

Grades 8 - 12 who belong to Sovereign Nordic, Vernon Ski Club or Silverstar Freestyle Club

What is the cost?

Costs will be set by your club and targeted to cover coaching fees and facility fees for additional training opportunities.

  • teacher support for Individualized Athlete Learning Plan
  • enhanced pre-season dry land training session scheduled during school day.
  • study blocks to augment homework in non-academy courses.

Additional Factors:​​

  • Students will be on snow up to 4 days per week during the ski season. This may involve some missed class time. It is expected that students will use study blocks to make up missed work. It is also expected that students along with the Academic Advisor will keep all of their teachers informed of training and competition schedules.
  • The  on hill training fees will evolve specific to the sport and club training costs. These costs will vary significantly between Alpine, Freestyle and Nordic.

How to apply?

Please discuss with your coaches and parents and then register online Application​

More details....

Contact Andrew Lambert @ 250-542-0249 or via email