Students Without Borders Academy

SWBA is a full semester program for grade 11/12 students in BC. The classroom portion is hosted at Kalamalka Secondary School.


It is time for grade 10 and 11 students to get serious about looking into SWBA.

SWBA applications​ - Deadline Mar 16, 2018       Teacher Reference Form     Non-Teacher/Non-Family Reference Form

The following are some of the OUT OF CLASSROOM adventures and highlights of the SWBA semester:

  • Initiation/Bootcamp at Eagle Bay
  • Full week hosting of "Out Of Province Kids" with local adventures and leadership retreat (Experiences Canada)
  • Full week travel and tours (with flights) to another Province -  (Experiences Canada)​
  • Weekly connection with local community agencies - becoming community builders
  • World renowned guest speakers through UBC and others
  • 5 week field study/odyssey to Panama Central America
      • 1 week home stay in small fishing village
      • local artisan lessons
      • surfing in Pacific / Scuba in Caribbean
      • Turtle Hatchery Vigil - Green Sea Turtles
      • Primate Rehab ( Howler Monkey) volunteering
      • Coral Reef ecology with Smithsonian Institute
      • Coffee/Chocolate/Banana Fair Trade Tours
      • So Much More......

ALSO: SWBA facilitates enjoyable employment (through a local buisness) for students looking for work to help pay for SWBA fees. bursaries are also available for students who qualify.


  • “We started as strangers and left as family”
  • “Challenging in the classroom and even more challenging in the field”
  •  “There is no better way to get ready for our changing world”
  • “A whole new way of learning – deep learning”
  • “The program was worth every penny – even before the field study in Panama”
  • “My daughter was inspired to make a difference in the very first week”
  • “I saw fundamental changes in the way my child looks at the world”
  • “We were included in the process and informed all along the way”
  • “My son looks forward to going to school like never before”
  • “The program is not to be missed – outstanding from start to finish”

  • ​English 11/English 12
  • Intro Spanish 11/Spanish 11
  • Leadership  11/12
  • Social Justice 12
  • Global Citizenship

Students Without Borders Academy
Designed to provide 21st century perspective

Education is changing. The world for which we are preparing students today is fundamentally different from the one many of us experienced growing up. Today's societies are marked by new global economic, cultural, technological and environmental trends that are part of a rapid and uneven wave of globalization. The Students Without Borders Academy addresses these changes and prepares students for the challenges of the 21st Century.

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