First Responder Academy

Launch Date postponed to February 2022 as a result of COVID-19


2022 Application 2022 First Responder Academy Application Fillable.pdf

First Responder Academy Flyer 2022 First Responder Academy Flyer Red.pdf

Application deadline is: May 15, 2021. Shortlisted First Responder Academy applicants will be contacted within one week of this deadline.

Personalizing education for students with interest in a career as a First Responder.

Mission Statement: 
To develop First Responder career development opportunities for students interested in exploring a career in Fire, Paramedic, Emergency Management Services, and Police.

Certification in Level 1 Exterior Firefighting 
Theoretical knowledge and practical skills leading to future certification programs in their chosen First Responder careers
Mental and physical preparation for a career as a First Responder
Job Shadowing/Work Experience opportunities
Students in Grade 11 or 12 (preference is given to students in grade 12) Minimum 16 years of age
Students earn 4 – 6 Course Credits
Academy Fee $900 per student