Gateway Trades

​​​​Students will learn practical skills and industry requirements for a variety of trades.  The program will focus on (but is not limited to) the following trades:  Carpentry, Construction Craft Worker, Plumbing, Aircraft Maintenance, Electrical and Sheet Metal. The will also learn how to access further training, apprenticeship and employment. 

Students 16-18 years old​, One Semester, 16 Credits

Applications Due : March 30, 2018, Apply via email to Kathy Wickum, District Principal Career Education and Curriculum.

This program is designed to provide students with practical knowledge and theoretical experience in a variety of trades sectors.  Students will gain the first-hand knowledge necessary to make an informed Trades career decision.

  • Stage 1 – Program application and interview process (January - March 2018)
  • Stage 2 – SD22 pre-Gateway with SD22 Teacher  (September - October, 2018)
  • Stage 3 – "Gateway" at Vernon Okanagan College Trades Centre with OC Instructor (October – December, 2018)
  • Stage 4 – SD22 Post-Gateway programming (January, 2019) 

​Potential Students

  • Grade 10 - 12 students
  • On track to graduate
  • tactile/kinesthetic learners
  • have a strong desire to explore a possible career in the Trades

Recommendations for Success:

  • Good work ethic
  • daily and punctual attendance is mandatory
  • good hand-eye coordination
  • willingness to ask questions and engage
  • commitment to complete the program