Work in Trades

Work in Trades is about....

Work in Trades is for students who know what they want to do and are ready to get to work at a solid career in a skilled trade. Work in Trades allows them to start their apprenticeship while they are in high school. Being in a Work in Trades program means that they are earning credits towards graduation while on the job accumulating hours towards their apprenticeship and getting PAID! We call it "Earn While You Learn". Students can arrange to dedicate a semester to work full time or they can work in the summer or part time around their school timetable".

What Students Get:

  • Up to 4 courses (16 credits) towards Graduation
  • An opportunity for a $1000 scholarship from the Industry Training Authority
  • All paid hours contribute to apprenticeship program requirements
  • Graduate with experience and connections
  • Get paid to go to school!
  • A smooth transition from High School to a great career.

Trade Categories





Heavy Duty


Plumbing / Heating