Parents As Literacy Supporters

PALS is a program for parents/guardians of Kindergarten children. It is designed to improve the children’s performance in reading, writing and math at school and to build the connection between home and school. The people who started this project believe children do better when their parents are involved in their education.  Parents are invited to attend 3 kindergarten PALS sessions held throughout the school year.  At these sessions, a trained facilitator will talk to parents about early learning.

The focus of the 3 PALS sessions will be:

  • Storybook Reading
  • Linking Literacy and Play
  • Early Math

As these sessions are held during the day, a letter is available for the parents' employers to explain the importance of the PALS program.

After each session, families will go home with a "goodie bag", which will support the topic they have been working on.
Please contact your neighbourhood school principal for more information.