Ready Set Learn
Coldstream250-545-0597Tuesday April 2610:00-11:30am
Lavington250-545-1710Tuesday April 2612:45-2:15pm
Hillview250-542-5465Thursday April 2810:00-11:30am
Kidston250-542-5351Thursday April 281:00-2:30am
Cherryville250-547-6163Tuesday May 310:00-11:30pm
J.W. Inglis250-547-9231Tuesday May 31:00-2:30am
BX250-542-4013Thursday May 510:00-11:30pm
OK Landing250-542-1181Tuesday May 1010:00-11:30am
Silver Star250-545-4409Tuesday May 101:00-2:30pm
Ellison250-260-4176Thursday May 1210:00-11:30am
Mission Hill250-545-0639Thursday May 121:00-2:30pm
Harwood250-542-5385Tuesday May 1710:00-11:30am
Alexis Park250-545-7289Tuesday May 171:00-2:30pm


Ready Set Learn is an early childhood project sponsored by Ministry of Education, Ministry of Children & Family Development and the Ministry of Health

What is it all about? Elementary Schools host Open Houses for 3 year old preschoolers and parents each year. Children have a chance to participate in play activities and stories while parents learn about childhood milestones. All participants received an information package which also includes a story book, crayons, scissors and glue for their child.

Spring Activity

Did you miss the Open House?
If you missed an Open House we would love to share the information package. Call your neighborhood school or the school board office for a package.

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