Our Goal
Our goal is to inspire children to foster a love of learning that lasts a lifetime. We provide an engaging, child-centered environment in which children can explore, feel safe to take risks, and invest in their interests.

Characteristics of Montessori Education
The environment is pleasant and provides a sensible balance between structure and freedom that allows your child to develop into a responsible, well-rounded, fulfilled human being.
It emphasizes hands-on learning, self-expression, and collaborative play.
The Montessori method encourages independence and freedom with limits and responsibility.

The child is our Focus...
Children are challenged according to their ability.
There is constant interaction, problem solving, child to child teaching and socialization.
There is an attitude of cooperation rather than competition. It is quite common for students to ask other students for help.
The children maintain the classroom and materials and participate in developing class rules.

What is Public Montessori Education?
It is multi-age grouping where children learn from each other and everyone contributes. This allows each child to find his or her own pace without feeling “ahead” or “behind” in relation to their peers.
It is self-directed learning that encourages self-discipline.
It is a prepared environment where materials used are displayed on open shelves.
Montessori program is operated out of Silver Star Elementary School for grades 1-6. For registration please contact the principal.