Locally Awarded Bursaries Or Scholarships

There are numerous locally awarded bursaries and scholarships for students within our school district. The school district makes available the "Application " for a 10-day period in mid-March of each year. Current list of available scholarships for 2018​, Current list of available scholarships by school for 2018

If you're interested in the scholarship process, please view the presentation from our October 3 Scholarship and Post Secondary Information Night.

District Scholarship Program

Scholarship and Post Secondary Information Night - Oct 5, 2017

Each year the Ministry of Education allots our school district a number of scholarships worth $1250.00, based on the number of students enrolled in grade 12. Winners receive a Scholarship voucher, which may be used to attend a college or other post secondary school. In School District No. 22 (Vernon), candidates entering the District Scholarships must plan and complete a project to demonstrate a particular skill or interest outside of the regular school curriculum.

The application form for the 2018-19 program is now available. Check in with your school sponsor or administrator for the form and please see the Guidelines for our District Scholarship Program. The deadline for applications is November 14, 2018.

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