​​​​​​​​​​​Student Support Services

A Team Working Together for our Students

Telephone: 250-549-9240 ~ Fax 250-549-9286 ~ Email                  

​​​​​Special Education Staff​ ​​​​
​​​Director of Instruction, Student Support Services 
Dr. Truman Spring
​​​District Secretary for Student Support Services 
Pamela Kaneda
District Educational Psychology Coordinators
Colleen Lindsay
Mari Cebuliak
Substance Abuse and Prevention Counsellor ​​
Doug Roger​​s
Axis Referral So​urce Package​​
Suspension Learning Assignment
Cigarette Smoking Project 

Mental Health Liaise 

Mental Health and Com​munity Services Directory
School Based Mental Health Clinician 
​Charles Law - Secondary
Carol Grant - Elementary
​​District Elementary Counselors
Cody Bennewith
David Ross
Kerry Gairdner
Lisa Lanaway
Janelle Goward

Teacher for the Visually Impaired
Alana Bosquet​
Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Ann Hallam
Behaviour Department
Michell Bennett  - Elementary Behavivour Specialist
Natashia Bacchus  - Secondary Behaviour Specialist
Speech and Language Pathologists
Karyn Lawrence
Leah Clark
Louise Crowne​
Kari Dul
Stephanie Lockwood

District Resource Teachers
Jennifer Stewart
Louise Baumbrough
Ryan Aujla
Heather Jamieson
Samantha Moore​

​​District Education Assistants
Annette Coates
Lianne Funk
Tanya Abramenko
Sandra Detwiller
Shelley Graham
Susana Atkins

​​District Therapists
Kate Brooke (OT)
Cheri Stewart (PT)
ALP Transition Checklist ​
Protocol for Community Service Providers ​
​​Process to Put Students in Categorical Categories ​ ​
SLP Caseload Priority Guidelines ​
​​Special Education Services - Ministry- Category Checklist , as of September 2016 ​
​​​​Medical Needs 

District Policies and Procedures ​
​​Anaphylaxis Guidelines - Prevention and Management ​ ​
Diabetes Information ​
SD 22 Diabetes Policy
Diabetes Checklist
​​​​Videos and Books ​​​ ​​​
​ ​
​​​List of Videos and Books available for loan from Student Support Services, updated August 2014.  videos-book.pdf  ​ ​
​​​​Resources ​​​ ​​​

ADHD Presentation-Tuesday Oct 18
National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorder
Training Modules for Educators
SEL Tips and Resources 2015 - 2016
Parents and Teachers

Students with Ministry Coding
​​Dr. Marvin Krank - Talking to your teens about drugs and alcohol ​ ​
Parents with Children from 0 to 6 years  ​mlimage-crafts.jpg
Dr. Ray Baker Presentation, May ​​14, 2010 
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