​​​​​​​​​​​​Student Support Services

A Team Working Together for our Students

Telephone: 250-549-9240 ~ Fax 250-549-9200            

Special Needs Busing Guidelines      
Threat Assessment Protocol Fair Notice

​​​​​Special Education Staff​ ​​​​
​​​Director of Instruction, Student Support Services 
Christine Love
District Vice Principal/School Psychologist 
Dianne Ballance
​​​District Secretary for Student Support Services 
Pamela Kaneda

District Educational Psychology Coordinators
Dianne Ballance

Mari Cebuliak

Vicki Pederson

Substance Abuse and Prevention Counsellor ​​
Doug Roger​​s
Axis Referral So​urce Package​​
Suspension Learning Assignment
Cigarette Smoking Project 
Vaping Assignment 
 Vaping and E-Cigarette Exercise
District Policy on Vaping
 Preventure: Vernon Survey Spring 2019

Mental Health Liaise Mental Health & Healthy Promoting Schools Liaison
Kristen Zuest

Mental Health and Com​munity Services Directory

Mental Wellness Newsletter for Caregivers-Issue1-Apr 20, 2020.pdf

Mental Wellness Newsletter for Staff and Caregivers-Issue 2-May 4, 2020.pdf
School Based Mental Health Clinician 
Charles Law - Secondary

​​District Elementary Counselors
Cody Bennewith
Ray Wolsey
Lisa Shelest
Lisa Lanaway
Janelle Goward
Julia Taylor​

Sair Killy

Carol Jarvis


Teacher for the Visually Impaired
Alana Bosquet​-On Leave

Dawn Bennie

Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Ann Hallam

English Language Learning Department- ELL

Rebecca Wilson

Behaviour Department

Robyn Lindahl  - Secondary Behaviour Specialist
Natashia Bacchus  - Elementary Behaviour Specialist
Robyn Lindahl - Elementary Behaviour Specialist

Speech and Language Pathologists
Karyn Lawrence
Leah Clark
Louise Crowne​
Kari Dul
Stephanie Lockwood

Melissa Ackert

Service Delivery Model Updated Sept 2018.pdf
Service Delivery Model Updated Sept 2018.bmp

District Resource Teachers
Kathy Johnson
Jennifer Stewart
Laurie MacLeod
Tina Adams
Carissa Stanek

Candice Young, Inclusion Specialist

​​District Education Assistants
Annette Coates
Lianne Funk
Tanya Abramenko
Sandra Detwiller
Susana Atkins

​​District Therapist

Danielle Galbraith, Occupaional Therapist

Brittany Weber, Occupational Therapist

Louisa Cotton, Occupational Therapist

ALP Transition Checklist ​
Protocol for Community Service Providers ​
​​Process to Put Students in Categorical Categories ​ ​
SLP Caseload Priority Guidelines ​
​​Special Education Services - Ministry- Category Checklist , as of September 2018 ​
​​​​Medical Needs 

District Policies and Procedures ​
​​Anaphylaxis Guidelines - Prevention and Management ​ ​
Diabetes Information ​
SD 22 Diabetes Policy
Diabetes Checklist
​​​​Videos and Books ​​​ ​​​
​ ​
​​​​Resources ​​​ ​​​

ADHD Presentation-Tuesday Oct 18
National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorder
Training Modules for Educators
SEL Tips and Resources 2015 - 2016
Parents and Teachers

Students with Ministry Coding
​​Dr. Marvin Krank - Talking to your teens about drugs and alcohol ​ ​
Parents with Children from 0 to 6 years  ​mlimage-crafts.jpg
Dr. Ray Baker Presentation, May ​​14, 2010 
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