Complete one of the following project options to fulfill the requirement of your suspension. Papers are to be typed or neatly written. References/bibliography of materials used, including web sites are to be included. Papers are to be 3-5 pages in length.

Project Options (pick one only):

1) Interview at least two people (not yourself) who are heavy tobacco smokers (one pack or more a day). Develop a profile of their smoking habits, when they typically smoke, for how long, how it affects them, why they do smoke, comments made by family or friends about the smoker's habit. Has the smoker tried to quit? What did they do to quit but why are they still smoking again? How would you then suggest a way to get them to quit smoking if the smoker has a desire or readiness to quit the habit? What was your impression on the interviews you conducted? How old were they when they started?  Why did they start?  Do they want to quit?

2) Write a letter to a tobacco company. In the letter describe the dangers of cigarette smoking, the types of cancers that it may cause and the danger of secondhand smoke. Reference at least 3 web sites to support your argument.

3) Discuss ways the tobacco industry tries to get youth to smoke (or write a newspaper expose on the tobacco industry).  For your answer, you may wish to review use of tobacco in movies, tobacco industry documents, tobacco advertising.

4) Gather two or three tobacco advertisements from magazines.  1) Identify the message the tobacco industry is trying to promote.  Who is the target audience?  What kind of image is the ad trying to portray?  If there are people in the ad, what do they look like?  2) What would the ad look like if it was telling the truth about tobacco.  Describe the dangers of cigarette smoking/chewing tobacco.  Reference at least 3 websites.  FYI, some magazines that have tobacco ads: Sports Illustrated, People, Rolling Stone, Inside Sports, Hot Rod, Glamour, Vibe, Sport, Motor Trend, Spin, Mademoiselle.

5) Create a anti-smoking poster. Your poster should be at least 17 by 11 in size and clearly show the harmful effect of smoking.

6) Complete the following questions. Write approximately one page (200 words) for each part.

    a.) What are the health risks of tobacco smoking.
    b.) What are the benefits of smoking cessation (quitting).
    c.) What are useful strategies for smoking cessation.
    d.) What resources are available to help cope with tobacco smoking addiction and smoking cessation.

The following can be used to help you stop smoking. or phone 1-877-455-2233

Quit 4 Life