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  • 14 Elementary Schools from K-7 including one unitrack French Immersion School for grade 1-7.
  • 5 Secondary Schools from 8 - 12, with one French Immersion School.
  • Alternative Education Program with sites in Vernon and Lumby.
  • International Programs
  • Aboriginal Education Programs

  • Alexis Park Elementary School View Website More
    4205 - 35th Street Vernon BC V1T 6C4

          Catchment Map
    Principal: M Sutch Vice-principal: Laurel McEachnie
    “This culturally diverse school has 275 students in grades K- 7, including 2 French Immersion Kindergarten classrooms. Our school prides itself on supporting our school motto: “Proud Spirits” A safe, responsible, respectful learning community. Our school goals focus on oral language, numeracy, and self-regulation. We provide a safe and caring environment that supports all learners.”
  • BX Elementary School View Website More
    5849 Silver Star Road Vernon BC V1B 3P6

          Catchment Map
    Principal: Tyler Galenzoski Vice-principal: Nigel Maccagno
    BX Elementary is a semi-rural K-7 elementary school with over 400 students. Our mission is to foster cooperation, achievement, respect and responsibility, and enthusiasm in a safe environment. BX Elementary has a strong focus on academics. Achievement is promoted through clubs and extracurricular sports which cater to a variety of interests and strengths. Student leadership is promoted and encouraged through a number opportunities. Staff focus on positives to recognize students for doing good to ensure it will continue. We have an active and supportive PAC that helps enhance student learning.
  • Cherryville Elementary School View Website More
    108 North Fork Road Cherryville BC V0E 2G3

          Catchment Map
    Principal: C Seabourne
    Cherryville Elementary is very much a community school and focuses on providing a nurturing family atmosphere, with staff, parents and students working toward common goals. The school is committed to educating the whole child, preparing students for further education in a larger center, setting high expectations and constantly seeking to improve performance.
  • Coldstream Elementary School View Website More
    10104 Kalamalka Road Coldstream BC V1B 1L7

          Catchment Map
    Principal: B. Stevens Vice-principal: J Gutknecht
    Coldstream Elementary school is located in the picturesque Coldstream Valley of the North Okanagan. The original school opened its doors in 1908. June 6, 2011 was the official opening of the present 'state of the art' building. Currently three hundred and eighty students strong, we take pride in all aspects of our academic success and community spirit. The school community set goals in the areas of Numeracy, Literacy, Social Responsibility and Aboriginal Education which align with the School District. We have integrated the use of technology into our building with specific focus on the newly designed reporting tool known as FreshGrade. Our school location also provides our students the opportunity to explore Coldstream Park through various Outdoor Education activities such as plant studies, aboriginal identification and snowshoeing. Our Belief System of Coldstream 'CARES' promotes caring, accountability, respect, effort and safety. We have grown through our involvements with a very active PAC, early literacy support programs, and many enriching arts and cultural pursuits. We are a healthy minded school that promotes a sugar reduced environment.
  • École Beairsto Elementary View Website More
    3302 27th Street Vernon BC
    Principal: Moira Manthorne Vice-principal:
    Beairsto Elementary School is located within the city of Vernon, British Columbia. Our population during the 2013/2014 school year includes approximately 600 wonderful students from grades 1 - 7. We are one of the biggest single track French immersion schools in the province. At Beairsto we believe strongly in inclusion, the acceptance of all children, and that all children can learn.
  • Ellison Elementary School View Website More
    2400 Fulton Road Vernon BC V1H 1S3

          Catchment Map
    Principal: J Taylor Vice-principal: K Rogers
    Ellison Elementary was built in 1998 to accommodate population growth demands in the South Vernon area. Since our school was built, our school’s population has steadily increased. Ellison Elementary School enrolled 287 students when it first opened. Our school currently enrolls 439 students from kindergarten to grade seven. We are a diverse community of learners. The Ellison staff strives to offer varied opportunities, in all areas of the curriculum that meet individual needs, enhance student learning and support a safe, caring environment.
  • Harwood Elementary School View Website More
    4320 20th Street Vernon BC V1T 4E3

          Catchment Map
    Principal: L Friesen Vice-principal: D. Curtis
    Harwood is at the heart of downtown Vernon and a community centered school. Harwood is a dual track school with a Late French Immersion program for grade 6 & 7 students and two French Kindergarten classrooms. It has a full complement of English Kindergarten to grade 7 classes as well. Harwood Elementary is guided by the Harwood Belief System so that students, parents and staff have a clear understanding of how we respect ourselves, others and the environment. Harwood is the home of the H.E.A.T.: Healthy...Encouraging...Academic...Team.
  • Hillview Elementary School View Website More
    1822 Francis Street Vernon BC V1B 3A5

          Catchment Map
    Principal: C. Siegmueller Vice-principal: K Wandeler
    Hillview Elementary is located in a beautiful rural setting surrounded by fields and farms. We are a K-7 elementary school with approximately 340 students. Our school is guided by a vision of developing successful learners who will help create a kind and caring world. Our dragon mascot oversees our motto of HEROES – Hillview Encourages Respect for Others, the Environment and Self. We are a bucket filling school that encourages kindness, working hard, community and joy in learning. We have a vibrant PAC group who work together with staff and students to host community building events, support parent learning and add those extras to enrich each child’s learning experience at Hillview. We provide many opportunities to celebrate student interests in a variety of areas, including a comprehensive music program, playful learning, environmental awareness as well as a variety of extra-curricular sports, clubs and interest groups. Our school’s Aboriginal Support Worker honours and supports our aboriginal learners and enriches all learners’ understanding of aboriginal culture and history. Our Welcome Room is a hub for all students to connect with each other, receive support for their learning and broaden their appreciation of aboriginal culture. You can hear about our latest news, information or celebration on our website or on Twitter @Hillview_School .
  • J.W. Inglis Elementary School View Website More
    2287 Shuswap Ave. Box 369Lumby BC V0E 2G0

          Catchment Map
    Principal: M Takasaka Vice-principal: Kyle Doerksen
    Welcome to JW Inglis Elementary. We are located in Lumby, BC: the gateway to the Monashees. JW Inglis Elementary is a rural school with 334 wonderful students from Kindergarten to Grade 6 and a collaborative team of 30 dedicated staff. Parents and community members are very involved in supporting our students. Staff, parents and community work together to provide an excellent educational experience for all.
  • Kidston Elementary School View Website More
    12101 Linden Drive Coldstream BC V1B 2H3

          Catchment Map
    Principal: D. Cullum
    Kidston Elementary is a middle sized school (319 students) serving the local catchment area of west Coldstream. The school offers full elementary educational programs and services from Kindergarten through Grade Seven. Kidston continues to provide a rich history of strong academic, Fine Arts and athletic achievement, Parent involvement is high and all staff are focused, working professionally to make the school a great place for learning. The school’s motto is Growing Together; Creating Caring, Capable Citizens in a Changing World!
  • Lavington Elementary School View Website More
    9715 School Road Coldstream BC V1B 3G4

          Catchment Map
    Principal: L Johnson
    Lavington Elementary School is nestled in the beautiful District of Coldstream, just east of Vernon, British Columbia. It is a rural school of approximately 160 students from Kindergarten to Grade 7. At Lavington Elementary School our mission is to develop skills, attitudes and knowledge, which enable all students to develop to their full potential as individuals and as responsible citizens in a changing world. Lavington Elementary School offers students a strong academic program, an outstanding music program that includes choir, and several intramural and extramural activities. We believe strongly in inclusion for our special needs students. Lavington Elementary School believes in being compassionate and caring towards everyone in our school community. We follow a Belief System that was created by students and staff. Lavington Elementary School benefits from a strong community connection. Students have access to a beautiful park which has an outdoor pool, tennis courts, dog park and a covered picnic area. The community provides an outdoor skating rink which is located across from the school and is available during school hours. Parents and community members are invaluable partners in the well-rounded experience provided for our students. Long standing traditions are an important part of the Lavington community. May Day is celebrated every year and is a historical event that is valued and celebrated by the entire community. At Lavington we pride ourselves on being a "Caring Community of Learners".
  • Mission Hill Elementary School View Website More
    1510 - 36th Street Vernon BC V1T 6C8

          Catchment Map
    Principal: C Johnson Vice-principal: L Alexander
    Our school is located in a mainly residential area at the top of Mission Hill. It was named Mission Hill because it was the hill heading toward Okanagan Mission (now known as Kelowna). Currently, Mission Hill Elementary has an enrollment of just over 300 students and a staff of nearly 60 committed to making learning purposeful, engaging and fun. Our school hosts the School District 22 English Language Learning program, a District Resource Room and a Strong Start Centre. As a school community we value our cultural diversity and the uniqueness of each child, and work together to provide a caring place where self-esteem, social responsibility, physical well-being, intellectual development, and a joy of lifelong learning are valued and fostered. Our school motto is “We Can, We Know, and We Care”.
  • Okanagan Landing Elementary School View Website More
    7322 Grant Rd. Vernon BC V1H 1G6

          Catchment Map
    Principal: B. Smyth Vice-principal: C Sutch
    Okanagan Landing Elementary School is located within the city of Vernon, British Columbia, overlooking Okanagan Lake. Our population during the 2013/2014 school year includes approximately 310 wonderful students from grades K - 7. OKL also boasts an amazing Strong Start Centre for preschool children. We are a school that believes strongly in inclusion, accepting all children, and that all children can learn.
  • Silver Star Elementary School View Website More
    1404 35th Ave. Vernon BC V1T 2R6

          Catchment Map
    Principal: C Harvie Vice-principal: D. Tyssen
    “Tomorrow’s Stars are Here Today” at Silver Star Elementary, home of the Wolves. This is a recently renovated school, situated in an established residential area with grades K-7, as well as being home to the district Montessori program, serving approximately 460 students altogether. In addition to the school’s reputation for academic progress, it boasts a strong Fine Arts Program, sports teams for every sport offered in the district, a strong intramural program, and a lunch program second to none thanks to the amazing work of the P.A.C. Silver Star Elementary has two playground structures, sports fields, a full sized gym, and a large school library.
  • Charles Bloom Secondary School View Website More
    1894 Glencaird Street, PO BOX 220 Lumby BC V0E 2G0

          Catchment Map
    Principal: M Yurkowski Vice-principal: G. Busenius
    Charles Bloom is a rural Grade 7 – 12 school located in the village of Lumby. The school has a great community feel and offers a range of academic, fine arts, practical arts and applied skills courses. Charles Bloom is also the host school for the SD 22 Forestry Program, where students work in the classroom as well as on the school woodlot. Within the Forestry Program is Skills Exploration 11/12 – a trade sampler course that provides learning experiences in 6 different skilled trades. Students at Charles Bloom also have the unique opportunity to participate in X-Block Interest Based Electives four times a year for one week per term for one hour a day. Our Interest Based Elective courses provide a wide range of experiences and tries connect students with local experts to further enhance their learning.
  • Clarence Fulton Secondary School View Website More
    2301 Fulton Road Vernon BC V1H 1Y1

          Catchment Map
    Principal: B Out Vice-principal: M. Edgar
    Clarence Fulton offers a full range of programs that highlight Academic, Fine Arts, Technical Education, Apprenticeship opportunities and Athletics. The School timetable is based on a double block semester system that facilitates problem and project based learning. The school's enrolment is 650 with a strong International program that brings diversity to the school. Fulton's Aboriginal Education Welcome Room facilitates learning and support with two Aboriginal Support Workers and also offers the Aboriginal Education Academy. Fulton also hosts the Vernon Community School for grades 7-12 in which learning is rooted in social justice.
  • Kalamalka Secondary School View Website More
    7900 McClounie Road. Coldstream BC V1B 1P8

          Catchment Map
    Principal: M. Grace Vice-principal: L. Chapman
    Kalamalka Secondary enjoys a superb reputation for excellence in academics, athletics and fine arts. Our students consistently rank among the top students in British Columbia on provincial assessments. Our dedicated fine arts teachers offer special programs in band, musical theatre and art. Academically gifted students are well served by a wide array of university preparatory and advanced placement courses.
  • Vernon Secondary School View Website More
    2100 15th Street Vernon BC V1T 9X7

          Catchment Map
    Principal:K Gatzke Vice-principal: R Grace
    Vernon Secondary School has a proud history of achievements in athletics, fine arts, and academics. Our Fine Arts and Applied Skills programs have earned a reputation for excellence in musical theatre productions, artwork, metalwork, woodwork, and automotive. Academically, VSS students have been recognized among the best in British Columbia in economics in the past few years. VSS proudly offer three language programs French, German, and Spanish. Most recently, VSS has received recognition for a variety of strong career education programs and its High Performance Program to support elite performers in Athletics and Fine Arts. We proudly offer a number of Apprenticeship opportunities through our district coordinator. Specifically, Professional Cook Training Level 1 is offered on site through our cafeteria program’s partnership with Camosun College.
  • W.L. Seaton Secondary School View Website More
    2701-41 Ave Vernon BC V1T 6X3

          Catchment Map
    Principal: E Schmidt Vice-principal: L Seed
    This dynamic and energetic school enrolls 850 students in grades 8 to 12. Seaton is a dual track school, with approximately 400 students in French Immersion. This school has a diverse and welcoming student population and offers a variety of outstanding curricular and extra-curricular activities including: PEAK (Outdoor Experience), a Junior Academy for grade 8 and 9 students, Dual Credit programs with Okanagan College, Automotive and Technology Education, a Climbing club, Media Arts and Photography, an outstanding Theatre program, and an award winning Concert Band and Jazz Band. Seaton is home to National level athletes and performers, and has many sports teams and clubs.
  • SD 22 Alternate Schools View Website More
    2901-29 Street Vernon BC V1T 5A5
    Principal: B. Weitzel
    School District No. 22 Alternate Schools encompasses three separate schools that help fill the gap with students. ALPs: The ALP offers individualized course programs for students working on coursework at the grade 8 – 10 levels and offers both modified and adapted programming for students aged 13 to age 17 working at lower grade levels. CrossRoads: CrossRoads is an innovative, Student centered educational centre which enables adolescents 16 years or older and Continuing Education adults to complete their schooling in an alternate setting to regular secondary school. Located in the heart of Lumby, the Centre caters to the needs of the local community, offering individualized programs covering the spectrum of the BC Secondary School core curriculum from grade 10-12, leading to graduation. The Open Door: The Open Door Education Center, situated in Downtown Vernon, is a full service program for students 17 and older, who need to complete their schooling in a supportive learning setting. The Open Door offers grade 10-12 courses using computer guided instruction combined with direct one on one and small group teaching support by specialist teachers.
  • vLearn View Website More
    2711 38th St. Mailing address: 1401 15th St.Vernon BC V1T 8S8
    Principal: B. Bwitzel Department Head: R. Peters
    For students wanting a self-paced and flexible program that helps them achieve secondary school graduation. We also provide an online Outreach program for adults and youth wanting to learn at a distance. The primary delivery model is through computer managed instruction as well as one on one instruction.
  • International View Website More
    1401-15th Street Vernon BC V1T 8S8
    Principal: T Godfrey
    School District No.22 (Vernon) welcomes international students to come and join SD22 for a unique opportunity to receive an outstanding education in one of the most scenic areas of Canada. Our schools are a great place to prepare international students for English as a second language learning, academic preparation, experiencing Canadian Culture and Social life. SD22 also enhances their specific talents or gifts in sports, music and fine arts, and transition into post secondary institution.
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