​​​Code of Conduct


  • All Alexis Park citizens are expected to follow the Code of Conduct, which will be posted in each classroom and near the main entrance:


    1. I have a right to learn in my classroom.

      It is my responsibility to listen to instructions, work quietly in my desk, and to raise my hand if I have a question or concern or need to leave.

    2. I have a right to hear and be heard.

      It is my responsibility not to talk, shout or make loud noises when others are speaking.

    3. I have a right to be respected in my classroom.

      It is my responsibility not to tease or bug other people, or to hurt their feelings.

    4. I have a right to be safe in my classroom.

      It is my responsibility not to threaten, kick, punch or physically harm anyone else.

    5. I have a right to privacy and to my own personal space.

      It is my responsibility to respect the personal property of others and to accept their right to privacy.


             We believe that the purpose of any disciplinary procedure is to help the students learn to follow the Code of Conduct. The consequences of a student's actions should help them practice the expectations outlined in the Code of Conduct. A disciplinary consequence will allow the student to practice improved student behaviour.


             As well as abiding by the Code of Conduct students will also be taught and will abide by the Alexis Park 3 B's. Pride Awards will be given to students who abide by these 3 B's:

    • Be Safe
    • Be Respectful
    • Be Responsible


    Guidelines for Implementing Alexis Park Code of Conduct

    ​Statement of Purpose:


      • To establish and maintain safe, caring and orderly environments for purposeful learning
      • To establish and maintain appropriate balances among individual and collective rights, freedoms and responsibilities
      • To clarify and publish expectations for student behaviour while at school, while going to and from school, and while attending any school function or activity at any location
      • Our school promotes the values expressed in the BC Human Rights Code respecting the rights of all individuals in accordance with the law- prohibiting discrimination based on race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, sex or sexual orientation, gender identity, expression and age in respect of discriminatory publication and discrimination in accommodation, service and facility in the school environment.


    Conduct Expectations

    Acceptable conduct: 

           These expectations apply to behaviour at school, during school-organized or sponsored activities, and behaviour beyond these times (including on-line behaviour) that negatively impacts the safe, caring or orderly environment of the school, and/or student learning.

    • respect self, others and the school
    • help to make the school a safe, caring and orderly place
    • inform a "tell-able" adult, in a timely manner (in advance, if possible) of incidents of bullying, harassment, discrimination or intimidation. They are expected to use the 'Alexis Park 6-Step Problem-solving Process' that is taught at the school.
    • engage in purposeful learning activities in a timely manner
    • act in a manner that brings credit to the school

      Unacceptable Conduct:

             These behaviours are examples only and are not an all-inclusive list.
    • Behaviours that:

      - interfere with the learning of others

      - interfere with an orderly environment

      - create unsafe conditions

    • Acts of:

      - bullying, cyber bullying, harassment or intimidation, threatening and marginalization (social isolation), violent behaviours

      - physical abuse, verbal abuse, or sexual abuse

      - discrimination in any form – behaviour or communication- based on ethnic origin, race, place of origin, colour, religion, marital status, family status, gender identity or expression, physical or mental disability, age of that person or class of persons, sex, or sexual orientation. (B.C. Human Rights Code)

      The school will take all reasonable steps to prevent retaliation by a person against a student who has made a complaint of a breach of this code of conduct.

    • Illegal acts, such as:

      - possession, use or distribution of illegal or restricted   


      - possession or use of weapons or explosives

      - trespassing or intruding on school property

      - theft of or damage to property (school or personal)


      Rising Expectations:

             At Alexis Park School we feel that as children become older, more mature and move through the successive grades we expect:
    • increasing personal responsibility and self-discipline
    • increasing consequences for inappropriate behaviour
    • repeat offences will be dealt with through a School Based Team meeting


             The severity and frequency of unacceptable conduct as well as the age and maturity of students is considered in determining appropriate disciplinary action. For example:
    • responses to unacceptable conduct are pre-planned, consistent and fair
    • disciplinary action, wherever possible, is preventative and restorative, rather than merely punitive
    • students, as often as possible, are encouraged to participate in the development of meaningful consequences for violations of the established code of conduct
    • Special considerations may apply to students with special needs if they are unable to comply due to having a disability of an intellectual, physical, sensory, emotional or behavioural nature.


             Our school personnel will advise other parties of serious breaches of the code of conduct. For example:
    • parents of student offenders(s) – in every instance
    • parents of student victim(s) – in every instance
    • school district officials – as required by school district policy
    • police and/or other agencies – as required by law
    • all parents – when deemed to be important, to reassure members of the school community that school officials are aware of a serious situation or incident and are taking appropriate action to address it
    • In the event of serious violence or threat making behaviours​, Violent Threat Risk Assessment (VTRA) protocol will be followed.


      Regarding Process:

    • Staff, students and parents were involved in the development of this Code of Conduct
    • Expectations regarding this Code of Conduct are reviewed by classroom teachers with the students at the beginning of each term.  The Code of Conduct is posted in the main hallway of the school.
    • The Code of Conduct will be published in a Newsletter to parents. As well, it is posted on our Alexis Park School website.
    • School Expectations for behaviour are reviewed regularly at school assemblies and by classroom teachers.
    • Statement of purpose, conduct expectations, consequences and notification are included in the Alexis Park Code of Conduct.
    • We track the number of incidences and the severity of the actions (in CIMS).  This will give us good data for planning our school goals around social responsibility next year.

      Download a copy here 

      I have read and understand the above Code of Conduct: 


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