Code of Conduct

ALP Code Of Conduct - Full document for download and printing.

The following Code of Conduct applies to all students at the Alternative Learning Program and is a condition of enrolment.

RESPECT: ______ (initials)

  1. I will speak and behave in a manner that shows respect for other people and their belongings.
  2. I will respect school property and materials.
  3. I will respect the learning environment of other students and not disrupt them.
  4. I will make sure I have no potential weapons in my possession that could cause anyone harm.
  5. I will remain polite and calm and not resort to threats, intimidations or verbal/physical violence.
  6. I will not spit or litter on the ALP grounds.
  7. I will not be on any School District No.22 property, other than the ALP, at any time, without permission from the school administration.
  8. I will not be on The ALP property at any time other than my scheduled class time.
HONESTY: ______ (initials)

  1. I will only hand in my own work.
  2. I will be honest in all conversations I have with staff (including reasons for absences).

PROGRESS: ______ (initials)

  1. I will dress in a manner appropriate for school.
  2. I will make sure there are no inappropriate logos/messages (e.g., alcohol, drug, sexual, sexist, homophobic, racist, gang or violent) on my clothing or jewellery.
  3. I will make sure I do not wear revealing attire.
  4. I will go home and change (or cover up) and make up my hours if a staff member requires it.

SOBREITY: ______ (initials)

  1. I will smoke before or after class outside of the school, and off of the school property as per the new provincial laws.  I will be respectful of the neighbours at all times.  The school strongly recommends that I refrain from smoking as it is hazardous to one's health.  This only applies if I am of legal age to smoke.

CELLPHONE/SMARTPHONE: ______ (initials)

  1.  Personal music devices are not allowed in class.  Students must turn in a PMD when asked for to be picked up at the end of class. All work on the computer must relate to schoolwork only.