Registration, Eligibility and Expectations


  • Prior to registering, each applicant will be interviewed by Open Door staff to determine eligibility for the program.
  • Applicant may be given a Canadian Adult Achievement Test (CAAT) in order that staff can more accurately appraise the applicant's achievement level.
  • Students should bring their birth certificate and care cards upon registering.  If the student was not born in Canada please bring your passport, student/study permit, or permanent residence card.
  • If possible, please bring any information you have with respect to courses completed and grades achieved to date.  Be prepared to also discuss your goals, career plans and educational needs.
  • Registration is ongoing throughout the year and an appointment is not needed.


  • School age students must be 17 years of age or older and have been out of school for a minimum of six months.  Students not meeting this criteria must be referred through District Screening from the principal of their last high school.
  • Applicants over the age of 18 are welcome to either upgrade their schooling or complete their graduation requirements as recognized by the Ministry of Education.
  • Students 16 years or younger and currently enrolled in a district school must complete a screening process through Student Support Services for appropriate placement in a district program. Please contact your school principal for further details.

Attendance and Performance Expectations:

  • Students are expected to attend regularly and demonstrate reasonable course progress.
  • Students are expected to spend their time productively, focusing on their coursework.
  • Students should complete one course within 10 weeks of starting the program.
  • Because of the adult nature of the Open door program it is expected that all students will conduct themselves in an adult manner.