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2017 Implementation of restored language

June 23, 2017


Press​ R​​elease

SD #22 Vernon continues to work with the Vernon Teachers’ Association at both the District and school levels planning and preparing for the implementation of the restored language. The District is adding 38 teachers for September and the maintenance department is installing 5 portables, refurbishing classrooms and or​dering classroom furniture and learning resources. Schools have been given their staffing allocations for September including teacher, education assistant, teacher-librarian and administration time and are completing their initial class placement meetings. As new students arrive over the summer or in early September, some classes may need to be adjusted or divisions added to accommodate the incoming students. This is a normal process that happens each September. Last fall we added divisions in elementary schools and classes in secondary schools. We are working with the BC Public School Employers‘ Association and the BC Teachers’ Federation to address any interpretation issues arising from the restored language and are meeting regularly with the VTA to ensure a successful school startup.


Joe Rogers
Superintendent of Schools
School District No. 22 (Vernon)
1401-15th Street
Vernon, B.C. V1T 8S8
(250) 549-9226