News Item

Outstanding Transportation Fees

November 22, 2019

Our Transportation Department recently sent out a notice to families with outstanding transportation fees. This may be due to registering your child(ren) for transportation and now no longer requiring the service.

If you require transportation services from School District 22, please ensure the fees are paid by December 20. If you no longer require service, please contact the Transportation Department and cancel your registration.

To ensure we have accurate passenger manifests, and to assist in accommodating courtesy rider applicants currently waitlisted due to a lack of space, any student with outstanding fees, as of December 20, 2019, will be removed from the bussing schedule. 

Once removed from the bussing schedule students will no longer be eligible to ride the bus; the parent/guardian will be responsible for transportation to and from school.

If you have any questions regarding transportation, please contact the transportation department at or 250-549-9281.