Welcome to the BX PAC

The Parent Advisory Council (PAC) would like to welcome you to BX Elementary. To assist you in a smooth transition, the PAC has put together this list of useful information about events and fundraisers we organize, and a list of events run by BX School.

What is the PAC? The purpose of the BX PAC is to:

a. To support, encourage and improve the quality of education and the well-being of students in BX Elementary School;
b. To advise the principal and staff on parents’ views on any matter relating to the school – programs, policies, plans and activities;
c. To communicate with parents and to promote cooperation between the home and school in providing for the education of children;
d. To assist parents in accessing the system and to provide advocacy support for individual children and their parents;
e. To organize PAC activities and events;
f. To contribute to the effectiveness of the school by promoting the involvement of parents and other community members.

The Parent Advisory Council holds meetings on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 7:00pm in the school library. These meetings are attended by parents/guardians of BX students, the school’s Principal, Vice-Principal, and school trustee(s) when available. They provide information, educational opportunities and a forum to discuss ideas which can benefit students. It is a great opportunity to learn about what goes on in our school, ask questions and to give input into how fundraising dollars are spent.

The PAC communicates with parents via our Facebook page (BX PAC) and through email. Our Facebook page provides reminders about upcoming events, schedules, shared information of interest and a forum to ask questions. Please ask to join our Facebook page and join our BX school community. If you would like to be added to the email list, please email us at

The BX PAC Executive is an elected committee of PAC members who have chosen to hold an official position within the PAC.
As a parent/guardian of a BX student, you are automatically a member of the PAC.

Chair: Amanda Connor
Vice-Chair: Brianne Boulter
Vice-Chair: Robin Cardew
Treasurer: Christal Armstrong
District PAC Rep: Sarah Hanson
Members At Large: Rachael Milner and Shawna Brooker
BX PAC Executive 2019/2020
bx.elem.pac@gmail. com

Year long events
Apple Blossom Fair: This is our annual evening fair that takes place the 3rd Friday in May. It is a family friendly event with games, prizes, activities and food. This event requires parent volunteers.
Butcher Boys Receipts: We collect Butcher Boys receipts ALL year long. Butcher Boys gives us 1% back in store credit. Receipts are collected in the office. During the months of March & April, we have a Butcher Boys Receipt Drive. For receipts dated March & April, and collected in these months, we receive 2.5% back in credit and 2.5% back in cash.
Christmas Basket Raffle: During the month of December, each class is assigned a basket theme that they can donate items for. Items are collected in the classroom until a week before the Christmas Concert. Gift Baskets are put together by volunteers and displayed in the hallway. Tickets are $1.00 per entry and winners are chosen after the last concert performance.
Christmas Fundraiser: Magazine subscriptions, cookie dough, wrapping paper, gift and kitchen items. This fundraiser changes each year to provide a variety of items just in time for Christmas.
Starfish Backpacks: Through Rotary Club, the PAC sponsors Starfish Backpacks. Volunteers are needed to transport these backpacks to be filled, then pick them up again to return to the school for distribution. Please contact the PAC for more information.
Pizza Day: Pizza Day from Domino’s operates by volunteers every Thursday. $ 2 a slice for cheese, pepperoni or Hawaiian. Gluten Free is also available. Volunteers are needed to serve from 11:40am to 12:20 pm
Halloween Dance: This volunteer run family fun event happens the Friday before Halloween and is a great opportunity for the students to show off their costumes and have fun with their classmates. Volunteers are needed to organize this event.
Poinsettia Fundraiser: In late November, orders are taken for poinsettias from Bloom Thyme to arrive by the 2nd week in December. Volunteers are needed for pick up day.
Bloom Thyme flowers: Just before spring break, order forms come home for hanging baskets and flowers from Bloom Thyme. These orders are ready for pick up the Thursday before Mother’s Day. Volunteers are needed for pick up day.
PAC Board: This board is located in the hallway to the right upon entering the school. There you will find information about upcoming PAC events as well as community notices.

PAC Sponsored Events & Fundraisers

Lunch Moms: This runs every Monday and is provided to us by an outside company. The PAC earns $0.50 for each meal purchased. Order forms are sent home and online ordering is also available.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are needed for all PAC sponsored events and fundraisers. The job of fundraising for our school is not a PAC Executive responsibility. The parents/guardians of BX students collectively are responsible for raising funds to support the many extra tools our students need to succeed.
There are many opportunities to volunteer throughout the school year. Just an hour of your time helps to make these events and fundraisers happen at BX. Please contact the PAC to find out how you can be involved.
'Our family was new to BX Elementary this year. We have one child in primary and one in intermediate. After I started going to PAC meetings, I felt much more connected to the school community. I felt I knew more about what was happening and could then better support my children.'Quotes from new BX parents:

Other resources
Vernon School District website:

Here you will find information about schools, programmes, District Parent Advisory Council, school calendars including Pro D days and much more.
During the year, the PAC helps parents organize many different fundraisers. These fundraisers are completely voluntary. Please don’t feel you have to support each one. We try and offer multiple types with different products spread throughout the year. If you have any fundraising ideas that you would like to organize at BX, please contact the PAC and we would be happy to support you.

‘When we started at BX, I found the best way to find out about what was happening in our child’s school was to attend a PAC meeting. I was surprised to learn how much the PAC provides and pays for at BX. I thought many of these were funded by the school district. I feel very lucky our kids attend BX and have access to all the wonderful extra learning tools the PAC has provided’ HotLunches.Net  Starting in September 2019, we will be using HotLunches.Net for our pizza day orders, fundraising and event ticket ordering. This system will allow parents to order their Pizza lunches for each student a term in advance and pay online using PayPal. More information about this programme will be distributed in September.

BX School Events

BX Shirt Days: Show your school spirt by wearing a BX shirt (available for purchase during the year) or by wearing black and/or grey. These days are scheduled once a month throughout the year

Spirit Days: These fun themed days are organized by our grade 5/6/7 leadership team. Themes have included: Crazy Hair day, backwards day, Book Character day, 80’s day and many more!

BX Bear Teams: Students are divided up equally between 4 “Bear Teams”. Black, Grizzly, Polar and Kodiak Bear teams are a mix of all grade levels. During Spirit Days, points are awarded to students who participate. The Bear Team with the most points wins a prize!

Pink Shirt Day: Wear pink to spread the antibullying message. Pink Shirt Days are held throughout the year. BX Pink shirts are available for purchase throughout the year.

Primary Bike Rodeo: The Bike Rodeo teaches the primary students about bike safety and proper road etiquette. Organized by the school and attended by the RCMP, this event requires parent volunteers to run.

Hot Dog Days: These days run for 4 consecutive Tuesdays in each term and is organized and run by parent volunteers. Money raised goes towards field trip bussing costs.

Primary Fun Day: This event takes place in late June. The primary students are invited for the morning to be outside and participate in many fun activities. Parents are welcome to attend.

Waterslide Day: The whole school is invited to attend Atlantis Waterslides in mid June. Parents and siblings are welcome to meet there and join in the fun.

Battle of the Books: Organized by teachers, interested Grades 3-7 are put into teams and given age appropriate books to read. As a team, they compete against other schools testing their knowledge of the books they have read.

Track and Field: This event happens in mid May. Intermediate grades practice various track and field events in gym class and then participate in an all-day event at Okanagan College. There are competitive and non-competitive categories. Competitive athletes that place 1st, 2nd or 3rd in an event move on to the Zone meet in late May.

Welcome to BX Elementary!
Please contact the PAC if you have any questions