​School Awards - Awards/Recognition of Students


At the end of each school year, Fulton has an awards ceremony to recognize those students who have excelled in academics, athletics, fine arts, and technology education as well as students who have exemplified service and citizenship in our school and community. The following is a list of awards presented at our annual awards ceremony:

Principal’s List, Subject Awards, Athletic Awards and Service & Citizenship Awards

Major Graduation awards include:

Top Academic Student - Harold Rourke Memorial, Top All-Round Student, Principal's Award for Overcoming Adversity, Outstanding Service and Citizenship - Al Kuhn Award, Outstanding Student by Subject Area and Top International Student.

Principal’s List, Honour Roll of Distinction and Honour Roll

To be eligible for the Principal’s List, students must have achieve an “A” average in each of their classes. The Honour Roll of Distinction recognizes students who have achieved an “A” average of 85.5% or higher. Honour Roll recognizes students who have achieved an average of 79.5% or higher. Each of these academic awards is presented at the end of each quarter as well as at year end, based on the student’s cumulative average or performance over the year. In order to qualify for any of these distinctions, students must carry a full course load:

Grade 8, 9 and 10 – 8 courses
Grade 11 – 7 courses
Grade 12 – 6 courses

Quarterly recipients of these distinctions will have their names posted in the main foyer and will receive a letter congratulating them on their achievement. Students who have achieved this status for the year will have their names posted in the main foyer until the end of the first quarter of the following year and will receive a certificate of acknowledgment at year end.

Service and Citizenship

Students are encouraged to be good citizens and make positive choices at school. Students who exhibit these traits may be presented with a “First Class Choice” coupon for modelling positive behaviour by any staff member. Students place the coupon in the draw box in the office for weekly prizes. The coupons are also tallied to recognize our top citizens at the award ceremony in June.