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School Counsellor Appointments

September 14, 2020

​At Fulton, students are assigned to their school counsellor alphabetically.   Students with the last names that begin with the letters A to K are assigned to Mrs. Lau AND students with last names that begin with the letters L to Z are assigned to Mr. MacKenzie.

School Counsellors are available via email, phone, Zoom and in-person meeting.  However due to COVID 19 restrictions AND the availability of appropriate physical spaces at Fulton, school counsellors require students/parents to pre-book appointments.

schedule-changes-banner.jpgSee process and link to online below

​Mrs. Charlene Lau

​Mr. Dave MacKenzie

Student Last Names A to K

Student ​Last Names L to Z

​Confidential Voicemail: 250-545-1348 ext 341
(messages will be returned a promptly as possible)

​Confidential Voicemail: 250-545-1348 ext 342
(messages will be returned a promptly as possible)

How to Video for booking school counsellor appointmentsYoutube-PNG-Image-44624-300x300.png ​ ​

Want to make a REQUEST to change a student schedule?

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Due to COVID-19 restrictions school counsellors will be processing student schedule change requests via this online form only:  Click here

Please consult the master schedule CLICK HERE before submitting your change requests.  Many courses are offered only once; therefore may conflict with a change you are requesting.

In order to maintain the Learning Groups we will NOT be able to make changes to student schedules once the Quarter begins, so the deadline for schedule changes will be the school day before the start of the next quarter.  The deadline for quarter 1 schedule changes is September 9th for grade 8/9 and September 10th for grade 10/11/12.  

What is a learning group?

Due to the volume of change requests school counsellors will not be able to process change requests over the phone.

School Counsellors will respond your change request form with an email message within 24 hours.  Please check your MYED portal account for the most current/accurate schedule of classes.