Graduation Transitions 12



Personal Health

Complete DPA on Student Connect

Document the physical activity using logs, memberships, photos, letters or any other evidence.

Develop a plan for yourself for after school that includes nutrition, fitness, health management (example; stress management)


Community Connections

Provide documentation of work experience and/or community service.  (examples:  pay slips, log book, letter, form or certificate signed by employee, community person, or agency/organization) 

Describe what you learned and how the skills can be used in other situations. 


Career and Life

Describe your short term (up to 1 year) and long term goals ( up to 5 years).  Include how you plan on attaining the goals and a provide a timeline.

Describe what you would like to do after high school and how you plan to get there.  This could include post secondary education or work.

Create a budget that includes costs associated with education and living on your own. Include scholarship applications or knowledge of how to find and apply for scholarships.

Include a current resume in this section.

Portfolio (Exit Interview)

Create a portfolio that includes evidence all of the above.  It should also include evidence of what you have accomplished and what you are proud of.