House Teams

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Hillview Heroes House Teams

Hillview team pride is everywhere!  We have four house teams that compete and have fun together in a variety of ways.  House teams earn points for participating and showing their team spirit.  Two times per year, a house team is declared the term champion, earning 'bragging' rights and the Hillview Hero trophy on proud display in our trophy cabinet.  Each student is assigned to a house team.  We have team shirts and will do another order in early September.  The teams have colours and are also based on real heroes.  Our teams are:

 Brave Blue:  These heroes are very courageous.  These house heroes both overcame challenges and went on to accomplish great things – Rick Hansen and Michaelle Jean.

Go Green:  These heroes fight for our planet and the environment.  These green house heroes  remind us that we only have one planet and we need to take care of it – David Suzuki and Jane Goodall.

 Stellar Yellow:   These heroes are brilliant and they reach for the stars.  The yellow house heroes are both Canadian astronauts – Chris Hatfield and Julie Payette.

Action Red:  These heroes take action!  When they see something that needs to be done, they stand up and make things happen.  Red house heroes have changed the world – Craig Kielburger and Buffy Sainte Marie.

If you are new to Hillview, you will be assigned to a house.  Our plan is to have children stay in the same house throughout their years at Hillview.

Special thanks to Mr. Mulvaney (Vice-Principal 2012-2014) for creating our house team program.