Grad 2020 Information:


Please see attached form for the schedule of events for Grad 2020:



The first Grad parent meeting will be held Tuesday, September 10th, at 6:30 pm in the library. 


Our apple pie fundraiser is our biggest fundraiser of the year and it is happening now.  Last year we sold over 1800 pies and we would love to beat that number this year. Please encourage your child to sell pies and remember that order forms are due at the office by ______TBD________ with full payment. If you need extra order forms they can be picked up at the office or you can get them off our website.

Volunteers are needed to make this event a success. Please contact ________TBD__________to let them know a time that you can volunteer.

Apple pie making will be happening from __________TBD____________ in 3 hour shifts. Your help is needed to make this a successful event so please contact _____________ to volunteer your time.

Pies are being sold for $8.00 each!!!! They make great gifts.  

 Apple Pie Form.pdf 


What You Need to Graduate:

Starting in Grade 10 you have a lot of choice about what you learn.  In order to graduate with a Dogwood, every student in the Graduation Program has to pass certain basic courses, including English, Math, Socials Studies and Science.  The table below gives an overview of what you need to graduate:

  1. 7 REQUIRED courses
  2. 4 ELECTIVE courses
  3. Graduation Transition Plan and Interview

Preparing now will help ensure you get the credits you need to achieve your goals.  Graduation requirements are introduced in CLE 10.  For more help please ask for assistance from the school counsellor.