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Volunteers needed for BBQ

September 12, 2019


Hi everyone,


Please reply to this email to let me know if you can help out at the Welcome Back BBQ on Wednesday September 18th. And, if you know of any other parents that might be available please feel free to forward this email to them. The more volunteers the better. Thank you!


Before 3:30PM

Between 3:30PM and 4:30PM

Between 4:30PM and 5:30PM

Between 5:30PM and 6:30PM

After 6:30PM


Before the event we will need some set up crews and people helping in the kitchen to get food prepped and cooked During the event we will need people manning the food stations, getting food from the kitchen to the serving area, and general clean up After the event we can use as much help as possible to clean up


Thank you all very much!


Peter Solymosi