News Item

Online Pizza Orders

September 19, 2019

Hello families of Okanagan Landing Elementary School,

We realize the letters to start ordering pizza went out yesterday, and we were hoping to have had 
EFT figured out. That didn't happen quite fast enough, but we were finally able to talk to the bank 
again today, and got things sorted out! So, it turns out that everything should now be in order for 
you to use this method of payment for your pizza orders, if you haven't already looked after them.

Important Notes (how-to):
1.   Please remember to still print your remittance form from the okl hot lunches website and 
submit it to the office/ teacher, stating Paid by EFT (at least for now), while we get used to this 
new payment process.
2.    On your bank's EFT recipients page, you will need to set up the recipient for E- transfer as 
OKL PAC pizza, email address
as and then send the EFT for the order remittance amount. *All 
payments are set up for Automatic Deposit to our PAC pizza account, so will not require a password.
3.   When submitting your EFT payment, please add a note in the message box to indicate which 
child(ren) the payment is for, their teacher(s) and division(s) number.
4.   Once payment is sent, you will receive a Text or Email (whatever you set as your preference) 
from your financial institution, to say that payment has been received. ***Unfortunately, our bank 
is unable to have OKL PAC set up as the  name that you will see on this payment acknowledgement, so 
PLEASE RECOGNIZE that it will state that payment has been received by Jill Nicole Morrison. She is 
the Okanagan Landing PAC Treasurer, and will look after processing these payments through our PAC's 
bank account, but, rest assured, the funds are not going into her own account!
Hopefully this payment option will prove useful for some of you, in aid of helping our PAC 
volunteers to not be spending countless hours sorting and counting orders, cash and cheques.

**We will also be communicating future pizza orders that are available to you, by email and school 
newsletter, to help us Go Green and stop using so much paper and time to distribute order forms and 
letters. So, please watch out for these notices in future!

Thank you so much for your support and understanding, Okanagan Landing School PAC
Jill Morrison - Treasurer