News Item

Grade 7 Fundraiser a Success

December 20, 2019


Thank you to everyone who helped with the Raffle Ticket Sales & helped today with the 50/50. Parents & Students.

** Special Shout Out to Shelby Keetly who sold the most tickets. Nice work kid ! 


Winner of the $500 Cash Prize was Kathy Minchenko. 

Winners of today's two 50/50 draws were: 

$195 Laura Meikle

$210 Shayla Frith 

After a final count tonight we made $3053 towards our Grads Camp Trip !

Add that to the 1st Bottle Drive and our total fundraised so far is $4133.50 !!!!

Still have a ways to go but if WE ALL help we will reach our goal.

Everyone enjoy your Christmas Holidays. Please stay tuned for our next few fundraisers in the New Year.



Marcy Kennedy