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April 3 Update to Families: April 6-10, What to Expect

April 03, 2020


Okanagan Landing Elementary School

7322 Grant Road, Vernon, B.C. V1H 1G6

Telephone: 250-542-1181              

Principal: Jodi van der Meer       Vice-principal: Ken Wandeler

 April 3, 2020

Dear Okanagan Landing Elementary Families,

I hope you are all doing well during this most challenging time. I know you are receiving a lot of information from the school and district right now but it is important that you are informed of what we are doing.  This is a fluid process and hopefully things will get easier as we move along.  I want to thank you for your support and patience as we navigate this unfamiliar territory.

Next Week…

 I am writing today to inform you of what you can expect next week with regards to your child's education.  Teachers have been extremely busy this week contacting families by phone and planning for not only what skills and competencies they will be teaching, but what formats they will use to do this.  If you have not received a phone call from your child's teacher, please call the school to give us your best contact phone number.  We may not have an up to date phone number on file.  You should hear from your child's teacher soon.  These conversations are to reconnect, support, and find ways to connect with our students moving forward in this unprecedented time.

We recognize that this is a very difficult time and we do not want to add any further stress or anxiety to our students and families.  Teachers are being very thoughtful in their planning of learning opportunities so that families are not burdened with unrealistic expectations.  Things are going to look very different than what would happen in a regular classroom.  We will begin Monday, April 6th with a very slow start to working remotely with your child. 

Each teacher will be communicating some learning opportunities for their students.  Our focus is to go slowly, and to allow families to find a routine that works for them.  We do not want to add any more stress to your home, but we do want to continue to provide great learning opportunities.  Please watch your email for communication with specific plans from your child's teacher(s).

Teachers will still communicate with students throughout the week and are available Monday – Friday during the regular school day for students to contact them.  We recognize that we need to be flexible in order to have students experience success and our teachers will continue to work hard to provide this.

Communication is key…

Please remember that open communication will be needed.  Please email your child's teacher or connect through Freshgrade or Class Dojo – whichever method your child's teacher has said is best - if something is confusing or frustrating.  Teachers will establish ways to connect with your child to work through these issues.  All staff in our district have a work email address, which is their first initial and last name  So, for example, mine is   Please reach out whenever there are concerns and we will help to get your child on track.  Teachers are available during school hours, so messages sent in the evening might not be responded to until the following day, but they will be responded to.


Picking up you r child's belongings…

Your children's belongings are being packed up and will be ready for pick up next week.  We will store these items in the gym and will ask families to come to pick up alphabetically, as soon as they are ready. Please check the school website for pick-up dates.  I will also email all families with this information. Pick up will be via the exterior gym door which will be clearly marked.  There will be a table at the bottom of the steps and someone will be at the door to "take your order" and then retrieve your children's belongings.  They will put the bags of belongings on the table at the bottom of the stairs and you can take them from there.  Some classes have put their shoes in bins so we may have to set shoes outside the building by class for you to pick up.  Any shoes which are labelled will be put with the rest of your child's belongings.  * In order for this process to go most smoothly, please know the names of your child's teacher, and their divisions.  Thank-you.  We ask that one adult from each family do the pick-up and please maintain appropriate social distance at all times.  Thank-you.  Pick-ups will run from 8:30-10:30 daily, once we begin.  We will have a bin out for returning library books if you wish to do so at the same time.

Take care of yourselves and each other…

Above all, please take care of yourselves and each other.  While our amazing teachers will be providing learning opportunities, we want to make sure that you are safe and healthy.   The staff members of Okanagan Landing Elementary are here to help and support you.  Stay in touch, and know that we are all together in this journey.

As always, thank you for your continued support and, of course, stay safe, stay healthy, and wash your hands.  And remember:  Okanagan Landing is the school with Heart! J


Jodi van der Meer, Principal

Okanagan Landing  Elementary