About Us

W.L. Seaton Secondary School is located in downtown Vernon, British Columbia, Canada. The school currently enrolls 915 students in grades 8 through 12..

Seaton has a very diverse and welcoming student population.

Seaton is a dual track school with a diverse population.  Four hundred and forty of our students are registered in our French Immersion program, 175 students are Aboriginal, and 40 are International. The school has a variety of outstanding curricular and extra-curricular activities including: high academic achievement, exceptional drama productions, an award-winning music program, excellent fine arts programs, competitive athletic teams, and numerous clubs.

Our mission is to prepare students for a changing world by encouraging them to continually explore, develop and achieve their individual potential in an open, accepting and respectful environment.

est d’aider les élèves à se préparer pour l’avenir. On les encourage d’explorer continuellement, de se développer et d’atteindre leurs buts individuels. Pour réussir bien, on exige que l’ambiance dans l’école soit ouverte et respectueuse.