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MYED Access Needed for Course Selection

February 26, 2020


Students can now access MYED, our new student information management system. This is where you will see demographics, attendance, and assessment information. 

Teachers will be explaining how to login to their accounts during C Block on Thursday.

The MYED Student ID is the 9 digit PEN number. Teachers will give each student their PEN number, Provincial Education Number, in class.  Additionally,  Students can also find their number on report cards as PEN# and in Student Connect as the Ministry Number.


When students create their accounts, they are supposed to enter their sd22learns email. They will then be able to retrieve their password if they forget it.

The link to access MYED is at the bottom of the school website.

Parents are asked to use the Student Portal for the next few weeks. We will then send an email out to parents and guardians where you will have your own access. 

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