Counselling and Our Counselors

Mr. Chris Colclough
Ms. Erickson
Counsellors do course advising and selection and....
  • Timetable issues
  • Scholarships: District committee responsibilities, application process
  • Liaison with colleges and universities
  • Confidential personal counselling regarding such issues as family problems, grief and loss issues
  • Crisis intervention
  • Mediation between  students, students and teachers, students and parents
  • Consultations with parents, teachers, and District Personnel, Social Services (Ministry of Children and Families), Mental Health, Police and Probation, Administration, Psychiatrists/physicians, and other specialists
How  to make an appointment with a counsellor
Before school, at breaks, lunch, and after school there is almost always one counsellor available….you  can see the counsellor then, or use that time to make an appointment for later. 

If it is urgent, you can ask your teacher for permission to leave class and come to the counselling area .  If our doors are shut, that means we are busy, and you will need to wait.  It is generally best to not wait for a long time if you are not sure that we will be able to see you next.  You can always slip a note under our doors and let us know you wish to see one of us.