Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

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The Parent Advisory Council is comprised of parents of W.L.Seaton students who get together monthly to find out about what is happening in the school and to give their input into school policies and practices.  They also administer gaming grant funds.    

The MISSION STATEMENT of W.L. Seaton PAC is : - The W.L. Seaton Parent Advisory Council is dedicated to the education and the well-being of the child.  The Parents Advisory Council's primary mandate is to promote effective communication between the home and the school.  The Parent Advisory Council shall encourage parents to participate in meaningful educational activities and decision making, to strengthen the role of families in schooling and education and to foster meaningful parent participation.

How do I join? - Every parent of a W.L. Seaton student is automatically a member of the WLS Parent Advisory Council. 

When are the meetings? - Meetings will be held once per month at 6pm in the library.

Why should I attend? 

1)  to find out what really happens at school.

2)  To give your opinion about what should happen at school. 

3)  To ask questions about school policies and practices.  

4)  To demonstrate to your child that school is important by becoming part of the school community.  

5)  To learn something new (guest speakers every month!)

What's the money for? - PAC works with the school to decide which school projects and activities need to be funded. 

PAC Staff Appreciation Luncheon 2018

Seaton parents would like to show the teachers and support staff of Seaton how much they appreciate staff commitment to teaching and supporting our children by providing them with a special luncheon on Wednesday, December 12th, 2018. Parents and guardians - please sign up for an item to contribute, then drop off the items the day of December 12th at the office either before school or if you are bringing a hot item at 11am.

Please sign up your contributions online through this sign up genius link:

****PLEASE NOTE - donations can be made towards the cost of catering some dishes if you are unable to provide an item - and would like to contribute to the luncheon!

If you are able to donate, please drop off money to the office by December 5th.

We are also looking for volunteers to help out at the luncheon. Please email PAC if you are available on December 12th.

If you have any questions, please email Anna Englehart at

Thank you for your support.