Course Selection

Course Planning Guides for 2019

Stay tuned for the latest info coming soon. With many new courses being offered with the new currciulum we are currently updating our information for 2019-20.

Grade assemblies for course planning information:

  • Feb. 28, 2019: Gr. 8 and 9 course planning assemblies - during 2nd B block
  • March 7, 2019: Gr 11 course planning assembly - 1st C block
  • March 7, 2019: Gr. 10 course planning assembly - 2nd C block

Course Selection 2019-20.pdf

Course Planning Gr8 into Gr9 Feb2019.pdf

Course Planning Gr9 into Gr10 Feb2019.pdf

Course Planning Gr10 into Gr11 Feb2019.pdf

Course Planning Gr11 into Gr12 Mar 2019.pdf


Graduation Requirements

Class of 2014 and beyond
What You Will Need to Graduate:
80 Credits
Required Courses  
 Language Arts 10 *4 credits
 Language Arts 11 4 credits
 Language Arts 12*4 credits
 Social Studies 10 4 credits
 Social Studies 11 or 12 4 credits
 Mathematics 10*4 credits
 Mathematics 11 or 12 4 credits
 Science 10*4 credits
 Science 11 or 12 4 credits
 Fine Arts or Applied Skills 10, 11 or 12 4 credits
 Physical Education 10 4 credits
 Career Life Ed 4 credits
 Career Life Connections
4 credits
 Total of required courses 52 credits
 Elective Courses 28 credits
  Ministry document regarding external credits 
  • A minimum of 16 credits required at Grade 12 level from ministry-authorized, board/authorized, or post secondary courses.
  • Graduation Program Exams in Grades 10-12 are required for graduation, including a Grade 10 Ministry Assessments in Numeracy & a Gr. 10 and 12 Assessment in Literacy (may be required for post secondary admittance, please verify with institution)
  • A second language 11 course may be required for post secondary admittance, please verify with institution.
  • An unlimited number of credits from board or independent school authority-authorized or post-secondary electives may count toward graduation.

If you have any questions about course slection and graduation requirements pleasse see or email Mr. Colclough, Mrs. Lau or Ms. Erickson as soon as possible.