​​​​Ms. Harvie

This is my first year at Silver Star Elementary and it is a sincere honor to be the Principal of this school. I have been an administrator in the Vernon School District for the past twelve years and believe that every student in our district will learn. The dedicated staff at Silver Star is exceptional and work hard to help every student reach their potential. 

I believe that parents, teachers and the school community need to work together to support of students social, emotional and academic growth. Silver Star students are amazing individuals and it is a privilege to a part of their school life and help foster life long learners.

Mr. Tyssen​ is the Vice-Principal at Silver Star Elementary School.  He is currently working on Literacy Support with students, and teaching part time in a grade 3 classroom.  Mr. Tyssen is proud of all the students in the Silver Star Wolf Pack, and loves working with them to be the very best they can be.

HPIM0132.JPG​Mrs. Kadach has been at Silver Star since September 2013. Her expertise in keeping our school organized and running smoothly is greatly appreciated. Mrs. Kadach is enjoying being able to walk to work every day.