Behaviour Matrix

School-Wide Behaviour Expectations and Settings Matrix

It is my responsibility to respect:All SettingsHallwaysPlaygroundLunch




Washrooms and Change Rooms

Be prepared, on time and on task.


Use designated doors at bell times.

Play safely.



Wash hands before eating.


Enter and exit quietly in single file.Wash your hands after using the toilet.

Give your best effort.


Walk safely.


Use respectful words to solve problems.

Choose healthy foods.


Sit in designated area.




Dress appropriately.


Use fountains safely.

Play in designated areas.


Sit while eating.


Listen quietly to the presentation

Change room:

Store clothing neatly.

Use appropriate language.  

Remain on the school grounds.


Make guests feel welcome.



Be kind and polite.


Classes walk in silence.


Follow the instructions of the supervisors.Follow the instructions of the supervisors.

Sit so others may see.


Respect the privacy of others.


Be helpful.


Walk on the right.


Share equipment and take turns.Use quiet voices.Respect the right of others to hear.

Return to class promptly.


Wait your turn.


Speak in a quiet voice.


Help those in need.Practice polite eating manners.Use applause to show appreciation.

Change room:

Leave other people's belongings alone.

Keep hands and feet to yourself.


Leave building promptly after dismissal.


PropertyTake care of  our school property.

Keep your locker tidy.


Use garbage cans.Clean up after eating.Keep fire exits clear.Conserve water, soap and paper towel.

Recycle and use garbage cans.


Use vending machine appropriately.


Return borrowed equipment to the school.

Recycle drink containers.


Wear clean, inside shoes

Use toilets appropriately.


Ask before you borrow.


Respect displays.


Handle equipment properly.Practice having a litter free lunch. Report problems to the office.

Wear appropriate footwear.