​Silver Star students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of interschool sports, including basketball, volleyball, cross country running and track and field.

Basketball Season is Here!

Grade 6 Girls​

January 19, BYE

February 2, AWAY at Ellison

February 9, HOME vs BX

February 16, AWAY at JW Inglis

February 23, HOME VS Vernon Christian

March 2, AWAY at Hillview

Grade 6 Boys

January 18, AWAY vs OK Landing

February 1, Home VS Harwood

February 8, AWAY at Kidston

February 15, Home VS Coldstream

February 22, AWAY at Hillview

March 1, BYE

Grade 7 Girls

January 19, AWAY at OK Landing

February 2, Home VS Vernon Christian

February 9, AWAY at St James

February 16, Home VS Bloom

February 23, AWAY at BX

March 2, ​​Home vs Ellison

Grade 7 Boys

January 18, HOME vs OK Landing

February 1, AWAY at Coldstream

February 8, Home VS Hillview

February 15, AWAY at Harwood

Febraury 22, Home VS Bloom

March 1, AWAY at Mission Hill

March 7, BASKETBALL ON THE HILL Tournament at V.S.S., 3:00pm-6:00pm