What is vLearn.ca?

Vernon Virtual Learning is a public Distributed Learning School serving the province of British Columbia and located in School District 22, Vernon. vLearn.ca focuses on providing high quality courses delivered in a variety of learning formats. Not all students fit into the traditional school structure or expectations. Some students require greater flexibility in their education so they can pursue their passions. vLearn.ca respects the different learning needs of all students. Our students are in grades K-12 and take all or some of their courses at vLearn.ca. Students work towards graduation at their own pace, at their own place. Formats include onsite, online, paper-based and virtual. Find out more about the formats that will meet your learning style.

What can you expect at vLearn.ca?

We provide the resources, support and instructional assistance you need to complete a program that reflects your individual needs. Most of our K-6 courses are paper-based, most of our 7-12 courses are online.

What does vLearn.ca expect of you?

Most of our students complete their work at home or for grades 10-12, at a traditional school they may also attend. Students may also be travelling or may occassionally drop in at one of our facilities.

Complete your work in a month or a year - the choice is yours.

The role of the parent and degree of district involvement varies for each individual program. The learning plan reflects the educational goals selected by the student and the parent.

Frequent contact with your teacher is necessary. This may take the form of phone calls, email, scheduled office visits, our online classrooms or participation in group activities.

Handbook for vLearn