The k-7 curriculum fulfills the learning outcomes as set out by the BC Ministry of Education. In consultation with the parent and student, we start where the child is in his/her educational development and progress from that point.  Each program is tailored to the needs of the student. Parents are provided with overviews describing the learning plan for each week. Although many of our resources for k-7 are text-based we offer a complete online program for Grade 7 only. Call us for more information about that.


Language Arts
Social Studies

Additional onsite offerings:

French (grades 5+) nows offers online elementary French. Using the latest technology, students can view and listen to cartoon animations, practise new vocabulary through sound/symbol practice and games, acces e-workbook, e-textbook that can be printed or viewed in the browser, audio files, record themselves to learn and practise their new language skills. This course meets BC learning outcomes.

On-line Resources
Some excellent sites below can be acessed thru your portal. 
Reading A-Z
Rosetta Stone - Language Study
Grade 7 - Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies