Students in Grades 8-12 may opt to take all or some of their courses at vLearn

The typical grade 8 or 9 student will complete a program that includes Math, English, Science, Social Studies and Physical Education. Additional subjects may include fine arts, applied skills or languages. Parents and students meet with their teacher to plan the program based on the student's skills and abilities and the provincial standards set out for their grade. Program's learning outcomes are determined by provincial regulations of accreditation as determined by the Ministry of Education.

All courses are delivered through an online program called Moodle and most full-time students will meet regularly in the online classroom. The program is structured around a weekly assignment schedule which students are expected to maintain. Flexibility and individuality are based on the student's needs.teaching

GRADES 10-12

Students entering the graduation program in grades 10-12 will need to complete a minimum of 80 credits prior to graduation. Senior students have greater flexibility in the format of learning they may choose to complete. Students may elect to take a full time or part time program of studies with vLearn. All students are required to show continuous engagement in their learning in order to remain enrolled in our programs. Students may elect to take a short term leave of absence through prior arrangement with their teacher. Many students will also choose a variety of learning formats depending on their program options and course availability. All students should meet with their teacher or counselor before determining their program each year.

Every student will benefit from a different learning style.  Find out more about the various learning style options.