Sports Programs

Sports Programs

Full time students at vLearn have the opportunity to participate in traditional school based athletic programs within School District #22(Vernon). Students must apply for this opportunity and comply with the eligibility rules from B.C. School Sports which govern all provincial public and private school athletics.

vLearn Students wishing to try out for a school team must declare their home school prior to April 15th of the preceeding year of competition. Once a school has been selected this becomes the athlete's school of record and all transfer and eligibility rules then apply based on this declaration.

Students who are interested in the option should speak with their teacher as soon as possible to ensure they have initiated the appropriate application processes.

All decisions regarding an athlete's elegibility to compete will be determined by B.C. school sports utilizing their usual processes.

Student athletes will be expected to abide by the normal expectations as set out by their home school of record as if they were in full time attendance at that school.