Google Map for Kal Park routes

​​​​This Google map shows you the direction sign locations for the 4.0 km and the 5.0 km routes, that Vernon Secondary School use when hosting Cross Country Running races in Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park. Both follow the same course (red) until they get to the park map and trail junction with direction signs #24 & #25.

Runners & Coaches:

  • Follow the direction signs from "VSS XC Start Line", to "VSS XC all #1" through "VSS XC all #23"(red), and then either the "VSS XC 4.0 km ..."(green) or "VSS XC 5.0 km ..."(blue), to near the finish, where they follow the the same last section.
  • You will probably want to save the map to your portable device (see below) as there are areas in the park with no cell servic​e

Course Marshals:

  • Make sure your mobile device has a good Internet connection
  • click on the "View larger map" link above to open our course map in Google Maps
  • locate your Marshaling position by direction sign #
  • click on the position label (ie. "VSS XC all right #3")
  • click the Navigate icon for you positionGoogle link.png
  • this should open the Google Map app on your device and show your marshal position, thus allowing you to ensure that you are able to find the correct course direction sign to direct and cheer runners, and watch out for injured runners, runners off course, and any other dangers
  • as there are some parts of Kal Park with no cell service (but GPS still works fine) you may want to save the map to your device (so you can see roads, trails, etc.
    • you will need to be signed in to your Google account - on device: open Google Maps, Menu, sign in
    • Menu, Offline Maps, Select your map, Download
  • ​the trail lines on Google Maps may not agree exactly with what you see on your device when you're actually on the trail, but the marked direction sign positions will be close enough to the actual signs to allow you to make sure you are at the correct Marshall position