High Performers' Program


The High Performers' Program strives to provide select students, in grades 8 to 12, a quality core educational program while accommodating the demands of their involvement in a high level performance or competition schedule. This will be accomplished by providing student support and flexibility through a combination of traditional classroom and on-line computer learning as well as the possibility of gaining credit for their learning outside school. A teacher advocate will be available to facilitate learning and counsel the student.

Criteria for Selection
To be considered for this program the student must complete the HPP application (below) . We will be looking for: Provincial level of competition as a minimum, but National or International levels will be given priority.

  • A minimum of 20 hours per week of direct involvement within a high level of program.

  • A strong commitment to long term goals.

  • A high reading proficiency and writing ability to accommodate on-line learning as indicated by the student's mark in English.

  • Strong evidence of good work habits and attitude.

  • An ability to work independently.

Meeting the requirements does not guarantee admission to the HP Program.

How does it work?
Working with the HPP teacher, students set up a schedule of courses that allows them to have a full, traditional highschool experience, yet creates flexibility in their timetables to allow for their training and competition schedules. This is done through a combination of regular in-class course work, challenging course work that the students are already proficient in, and by taking self-paced online courses through VLearn or thorugh a school district in BC.

Read Personalizing School for our High Performers by Malcolm Reid

So when a student is at school where do they go?
Students attend regular classes each semester. If possible a study block may be provided where attendance is taken in the HPP room. Students are expected to be working on their school work - either on their online courses, or getting ahead, or just catching up. The study blocks are not "spares", but rather, are focused, independent study time with the  guidance of the HPP teacher.

What else does the HPP teacher do?
The HPP teacher functions very much like a guidance councelor, helping to set-up the student's program, teaching online courses or facilitating the contact with online teachers, and acting as a messenger/mediator for students, parents, and teachers.

Who qualifies?
HPP students must be strong academically, and must be achieving at a provincial, regional, national, or international level that requires time and energy be taken out of the traditional school schedule.  Please refer to the Criteria for Selection (above).

How do I apply?
Applications are only available at Vernon Secondary office and due February 1st, 4:00pm for the following school year. Only complete applications will be considered. Coaches and teacher references is highly regarded.  All applicants will be contacted no later than April 1st.  An interview will be scheduled for successful applicants.

Download a copy of the HERE HPP_application_2018.pdf