PAC Council in our Schools

School' Elementary Meeting Day School's Secondary Meeting Day
Alexis Park Last Friday of the month Charles Bloom Last Tuesday of the month
Beairsto Last Tuesday of the month Clarence Fulton 3rd Monday of the month
BX 3rd Monday of the month Kalamalka Last Monday of the month, every second month
Cherryville 2nd Tuesday of the month Vernon 4th Tuesday of the month
Coldstream Refer to school website W.L. Seaton 3rd Monday of the month
Ellison 3rd Wednesday of the month    
Harwood 3rd Wednesday of the month    
Hillview 1st Wednesday of the month    
J.W. Inglis 3rd Wednesday of the month    
Kidston 2nd Monday of the month, every 2nd month    
Lavington 1st Thursday of the month    
Mission Hill 2nd Wednesday of the month    
Okanagan Landing Refer to school website    
Silver Star 3rd Thursday of the month    
Please check with individual school for exact PAC meeting dates and times for verification.

Parent Resources

Find information on school food policies, breakfast programs, and other resources and tools for parents, schools, and communities .. links updated Dec 6, 2011
Ministry of Education
BC Ministry of Education website. Link to Health Promoting schools.
Ministry Of Health
Province of Bc Ministry of Health site.
Health Canada
Find both the activity and food guides on this site as well all kinds of resources for healthy living. Currently under construction.
Alberta Centre for Active Living
Some great resources and information related to getting active for health.
Go For Green
A Canadian initiative that encourages activity that is environmentally friendly. Lots of resources for keeping active like the Commuter Challenge and Winter Green - cold weather ideas.
Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women in Sport and Physical Activity
A website devoted to women and girls who want to be active.
BC Healthy Living Alliance
A new alliance of provincial health organizations whose mandate is chronic disease prevention through healthy living. Information and links to provincial initiatives.
Interior Health Authority
Access to local health information and services. Link to "Stan and Fran" school health newsletter.Go to "Information" and click on Newsletters.
Canadian Health Network
A valuable resource for all kinds of health information
BC Parks and Recreation Association
Look for ideas to get moving. Featuring Move for Health Day and Summer Active.
Action Schools! BC
A new resource available for BC schools to increase activity opportunities for students.
Knowledge Network - Making it Happen
Making it Happen is an online tool for schools, parents, and pollicy-makers who want to take a healthier approach to eating at school. Video resource also available
BC Dairy Foundation
School milk programs, school curriculum, nutrition information are some of many resources on this site.
Dieticians of Canada
Information on nutrition and links to many additional resources
California Project Lean
A wealth of resources, evaluations, articles, and material promoting healthy eating and physical activity in schools and community
Last Updated: April 14, 2014